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  • Is it legal in India and other countries?
    The therapeutic potential of cannabinoids has revolutionized worldwide the attitude towards cannabis. The production, use and sale of cannabis, and has even led to legislative changes in some countries. However, there still persist controversies with respect to the legal and ethical ramifications of their use and routes of administration. In review of a series of recommendations made by the World Health Organization (WHO) on cannabis and its derivatives, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in its 63rd session on December 2, 2020 arrived at the decision to remove cannabis from Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. It was previous listed alongside specific deadly, addictive opioids, including heroin that was recognized as having little to no therapeutic purposes. Many countries including Canada, USA (some states), Australia, UK, and Netherlands have removed legal restrictions on medical as well as recreational use of cannabis. Though India voted in favour of removing Cannabis form the list of Schedule IV Drugs at the 63rd session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) on December 2, 2020, the legalities around medical cannabis are still forming in India. As of now, any leaf extract is considered legal in India. Extract from other parts of the plants like bud, resin, flower etc is considered as illegal. All manufacturers of medical cannabis in India use Cannabis leaf or hemp leaf as source for the oil. Hence, for all purposes, medical cannabis (if prescribed by a qualified medical professional) is considered as legal.
  • Is medical cannabis the same as recreational cannabis?
    No, they both are different. For medical purposes, the formulation, dosage and frequency of cannabis intake is important for the therapeutic benefit. Recreational cannabis is mainly done for the high (trance feeling) and not for therapeutic benefit.
  • What happens in a consultation for medical cannabis?
    The consultation is usually very detailed and it’s important for the physician in assessing your basic ECS functionality and how you would respond to the various formulations. You will also be asked regarding the various medications you are currently on so that we can assess the potential interactions. We are currently offering only second opinions (after the diagnosis has been done) and no emergencies will be undertaken.
  • How will my prescription look like?
    Depending on your health issue, the physician will decide your optimal dose and proportion for various cannabinoids. In whichever country you are, you can use the dosage to get the correct prescription.
  • Are there side-effects?
    Generally side-effects are noted only with formulations that are high in THC. Some side-effects might include heightened awareness, feeling energetic or hyperactive, dry mouth, constipation. Usually side-effects occur transiently and disappear once the body has adjusted to the dose. If the side-effects are severe then please contact your physician and re-adjust the dose or change the formulation.
  • Is it safe to take it during pregnancy and breast-feeding?
    Enough studies have not been done to ascertain the effects of medical cannabis in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Most studies that are done during pregnancy are using smoking marijuana which is very different from using cannabis medically. So currently, there is no conclusive evidence.
  • Can I travel with Cannabis oil?
    Yes, up to 50 gms of medical cannabis can be kept for personal use and is considered legal. During travel as well, less than 100 ml bottles of the oil can be carried in cabin luggage. For safety kindly keep the prescription provided to you by your medical practitioner. Some countries have made all preparations of cannabis illegal (like Dubai, middle-east, Singapore) and in those countries it is not advisable to carry them. Kindly check with the country’s immigration control office before traveling with your CBD Oil.
  • Is cannabis addictive?
    No, medical cannabis is not addictive generally. Only those who are taking very high THC formulation might notice increased irritability and mood swings on withdrawal. Thus, it would best not to self-medicate and consult with a practitioner in cannabinoid medicine to help you choose the right formulation.
  • Will I get high on medical cannabis?
    It depends on the percentage of THC pescribed and the sensitivity of the person. Those who are sensitive and are recommended high THC formulations for their medical condition, might experience some lightheadedness, high, dizziness or weird dreams. These effects are usually self-limiting and do not last generally for more than a week.
  • How does cannabis work?
    Please visit our section on Getting started
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