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DD Gujarat - Role of CBD in pain and palliative care in oncology CME

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Elevate wellness had organized a CME for oncologists and pain specialists in Ahmedabad via Academy of Cannabinoids, India. Dr. Tahir (general physician), Dr. Shruti (general physician) and Ms. Deepti (founder of Cannabryl) spoke about various aspects of the same.

The topics included the basics of endo-cannabinoid system (ECS), interaction of ECS in pain and cancer, clinical use and legalities.

The talks were very well received and was attended by some very senior and eminent figures in the field of oncology and pain medicine.

Dr. Pramod Kumar, now retired pain specialist who brought morphine to India, graced the occasion with his presence. It was humbling to see the support that medical cannabis received within the medical

community. This is the beginning of cannabis being recognized as an approved medicine for various conditions.

Thanks to DD Gujarat for covering first of its kind #CME on CB Din pain and palliative care in oncologyorganized by Elevate wellness, #Cannabryl and #AcademyofCannabinoids on medicinal Cannabis use for #oncologists in #Ahmedabad.

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