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Going beyond CBD/ THC

I like to call cannabis as the “black-sheep” of drugs. It is unique in so many ways that medical science has only just caught up with its complexity. This is why when people ask me "will CBD help or THC help me", I am baffled as to how to reply to this question.

All drugs usually have one active molecule and certain pathways that are concrete and identifiable. Cannabis, however, has more than 140 active molecules belonging to different categories. They all work on various receptors and pathways. The term “entourage effect” is being used to elucidate this complexity where the sum of its effects is different to the individual effects of the active molecules.

Other than cannabinoids, there are terpenes and flavonoids which also exert physiological effects. The medicinal effect of the plant lies in its full spectrum use. When studies are done using isolated molecules like CBD or THC, the results are either not significant or the adverse effects are unacceptable.

Using a full spectrum oil (without isolating certain molecules) can show a better result. More studies that use full-spectrum cannabis extracts are required.

If you are researcher/manufacturer who wants to go for clinical trials please contact me. I am open to collaborate on the research aspect of CBD along with the medical fraternity to bring out all the possible scientific backing for this "black sheep".

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