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Working with your Doctor for Cannabinoid-Based medicine (CBMs)

CBM is relatively a new entrant into the pharmaceutical market and it is unique because of the fact that the natural extract doesn’t have one but multiple active (therapeutic) molecules. The clinical application also varies considerably and it shows high individual variability in terms of dosage, absorption, therapeutic effects, side-effects and tolerability.

Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs, clinical trials for CBM are not readily available since the legalization of medical cannabis has only begun after 2017 in most countries.

As clinicians, we have to rely a lot on the understanding of the endo-cannabinoid system, pre-clinical trials and lab studies to decide whether CBMs will be helpful in a particular case or not. Once the therapeutic judgement is sound, then the dosages, formulations and route of administration has to be tweaked as the treatment progresses. There are no short-cuts here unfortunately.

If you feel a protocol is not working or is having adverse effects on you, please discuss it

with your doctor first.

Some reasons as to why CBMs are not working for you:

  •  Your diagnosis could be incorrect

  •  Your diagnosis is correct but Endo-cannabinoid system modulation has nothing to do with your current condition and hence CBMs are not helping you.

  •  CBMs need to be integrated with other medicines to help you with your recovery.

  •  Lifestyle changes have not been addressed (consuming junk food or staying awake at night etc.)

  •  Wrong formulation has been chosen or the quality of the product is not good.

  •  Your diagnosis is very advanced and recovery might be impossible (severe bone degeneration or stage 4 cancer with poor prognosis). In these cases, it can help improve quality of life only rather than disease/ symptom control.

  •  Personal stress or situational stress is much higher than what your body or the medicines can cope with.

I am also trying to establish research collaboration with universities and medical fraternities in progressing the use of CBMs. If you are a doctor who is associated with university or specializing in any of the following area please feel free to approach me.

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